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About Uru Sports

Who is Uru Sports?

Uru is an online platform connecting athletes and teams across the globe.

Our goal? Helping talented, adventurous athletes connect with playing positions, studying scholarship, internship opportunities and jobs abroad. Additionally, helping teams fill their rosters with talent of perfect fit. We are empowering both athletes and coaches to expand their networks and to make confident and informed decisions.

But we are not a sports or scholarship agency. Postings are in no way a written offer of aid –  yet instead a great first point of connecting.

What does URU Mean?

Find your right fit! In Māori, uru means “join, enter, go in, access, included”. We encourage our athletes and coaches to join the international sporting community and find their right fit.

Our Mission

To inspire, educate, and connect the global sporting community. To create an unparalleled experience, taking people to places they never dreamed and opening unimaginable possibilities.

Our Vision

To be the global community athletes, coaches, and teams turn to for dynamic competing and recruiting experiences.

Our Purpose

Uru Sports creates an avenue for athletes, coaches and teams to connect worldwide. We streamline global playing and recruiting opportunities. Whether you’re a team looking for available, top talent, or an athlete looking for the right fit team, Uru can help.

Our Promise

  • Fast and easy access to the right recruitment information. Sport as it should be!
  • Clear search tools, using the most up-to-date data of our vast, global network.
  • Open doors to what you can achieve through sport
  • Expanded opportunities to play abroad and recruit globally.

What we do?

  1. Share knowledge among the global sports community
  2. Connect individuals with best matching teams
  3. Help teams find the best athletes and coaches

Current Status?

Uru is currently serving field hockey only. Our user base is from more than 30 countries. Other sports are on the horizon. We are growing and improving our product for you everyday. Please give us feedback!

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Why we created Urū?

We found that athletes and coaches are often unaware of their opportunities, and are also unsure of how to best connect with them. At the same times, teams have difficulty finding available talented players and coaches. Both parties tend to be intimidated by the lack of information so they often don’t commit or they commit blindly. Commitments made without full information often end in disappointments for both sides. We are passionate about bringing clarity and knowledge to a world full of awesome opportunities to compete, travel, study and work while playing the sport you love. We believe everyone has a story and unique person network. Together we can combine our knowledge and connections to create something truly beautiful.

How Uru was envisioned?

Our founder has a story of her own. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Ainsley played overseas for several club and regional teams- getting to be part of some of the world’s pinnacle competitions, including the Australian Hockey League and the European Club Championships. This experience allowed her to travel to 18 different countries, experiencing amazing cultures and people. It was life changing but not all experiences were smooth, enjoyable or as predicted. She saw an unmet opportunity to create a vehicle for others to have an unbelievable, life-changing experience playing overseas that is smooth and certain.

Our Values

Here at Uru our core values include, having integrity in all actions, being open to new places, ideas cultures, and backgrounds, finding joy throughout all the leaps of life, humbling ourselves to recognize the successes of all members, having the courage to be strait-forward, making an effort to both learn from and add to the global community, and inspiring excellence in ourselves and others in both sport and character.