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Enhanced features will roll out through 2018. Guarantee your early beta rate by upgrading now.
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Our consultants can help you:

  • Connect with the right opportunities
    1. University Scholarships
    2. Master Programs
    3. Club Hockey
    4. Regional Hockey
    5. Camps/Training Opportunities
  • Make an Educated Commitment
    1. Learn about what country you want to play in
    2. Set goals of what you want to get out of the experience
    3. Personally try to set you up with your dream experience
    4. Connect you with the proper people to give you honest feedback about the team/deal

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How does an upgraded account help my chances to finding the right opportunity?

You will show up in more search results and also will be highlighted as a featured applicant. You also will get included in the opportunity digest emails going out to the Uru community, which will allow you to apply first.

How do I start?

Fully complete your profile to showcase yourself: Add detailed information in the experience tab.  Strengthen them by having people endorse your experience.  Add videos. And then browse opportunities and apply to those that are of good fit. Also feel free to reach out directly to teams as some teams who are looking may not have posted an opportunity yet.

How does the consulting work?

You gain one on one advice from one of our Uru Experts, who has first-hand experience playing overseas.  They will answer questions and help you connect with and find the opportunity you are looking for.

What is the commitment for an upgraded Subscription?

Pay monthly. The initial commitment is for 6 months then if you decide to cancel your subscription, it will be closed at the end of the next subscription period - and you won't be billed again.